I had the chance to travel in business class for the first time in my life when I returned from London. Obviously, I was excited like a flea to discover this class and what people get for usually more than 1000 euros. So let me tell you about my experience... So I was leaving Gatwick for Bordeaux with British Airways. After crossing London with 60 kg of luggage and having already made four changes, I arrived at the sweaty "Business" counter. Sweaty sweat, hiking boots, sweater and K-way around my waist and 60 kg of luggage crumbling on my shoulders... one cannot say that I embodied the image of the usual customer and many people have looked at me from the corner, probably wondering how I could have afforded such a plane ticket. The recording was therefore very fast, no queues, no paper to print. Then I went to security. In Gatwick, there is a dedicated area for business travellers. Once again, no line, I was the only one passing through security. Of course, I made the gate ring and had to comply with the body search. However, everyone was smiling and friendly. It is a big change from the usual. Then I enter the airport lobby through a back door and head for the business lounges. Indeed, while travelling in business class, I had access to the British Airways lounge at Gatwick Airport and I had come early to enjoy it. No more airport noise, greasy food, expensive shops, children running all over the place, uncomfortable seats and miles to go to find toilets... The business class lounge is a small haven of peace in the heart of the airport. Finally, there is still a children's area and we are not safe from a few very noisy children. The British Airways lounge in Gatwick is quite large and has a workspace, many comfortable chairs, televisions, newspapers and of course a bar and a restaurant area. You can use anything you want: sandwiches, cakes, snacks, coffee, alcohol, other drinks... Wi-Fi is also free and you have a view of the tarmac. Not bad, is it? So I took the opportunity to go on the Internet, taste, have a coffee and a small aperitif! When the boarding gate is announced, you walk past everyone to get on the plane and settle in the first three rows, a quiet space without babies normally. The seats are a little wider than in economy class, there is more legroom and you don't have anyone sitting directly next to you. You also have a steward at your disposal that will help you throughout the trip. We were served a very good light meal (chicken salad, croutons, mozzarella) with a lemon dessert and hot bread, all served with coffee and champagne! It can be said that this is different from the dry sandwich of the economy class.... The trip was very pleasant and for once I was not disturbed by children or noisy groups. It must be said that the businessmen around me in costumes reading the Financial Times (the pictures are very real) were not very fun. On the way down, business class luggage has priority and you will be among the first to pick it up. So it was a very pleasant trip with many interesting services, making my trip much more peaceful and enjoyable than it would have been in economy class. It was only an hour and a half flight, but I guess that must make all the difference on a long-haul flight. I had chosen to buy a business class flight to have the 46kg of free baggage in the hold and British Airways was promoting, so I only paid 20 euros more than what a flight in economy class would have cost me. In this case, for 20 euros, it was really worth it considering the extra kilos, free food, comfort and Wi-Fi. However, I will never pay hundreds or even thousands of euros for these few extra services. I like to fly, even in economy class, and the services offered are not worth that much money to me. So I am still a backpacker at heart... However, do not hesitate to visit the British Airways website; they sometimes make very interesting offers on business class. When you book your tickets well in advance, business class is sometimes just a little more expensive, or even at the same price as economy class. Other sites must offer this type of offer, so check the Internet if you also want to try the Business Class adventure.