Can you imagine a bill of more than a thousand euros for using your mobile phone in the United States? A passenger tells the story of his friend in an Internet forum. He forgot to disconnect data roaming during his trip to the United States and only for automatic mobile connections (mail, notifications, application updates) he received an invoice for €1,500. Are you planning your next trip to the United States and want to connect to the Internet as you do in your country? Travel to the United States without roaming by renting a MIFI USA. There are companies that offer a pocket Wi-Fi rental service in the United States, with which you can connect to the Internet 24 hours a day, wherever you are, avoiding uncomfortable hotel connections, unsecured Wi-Fi networks and roaming charges, visit for more about pocket Wi-Fi in the USA. In a few minutes, you can book your mobile hotspot in the United States to have Wi-Fi up to 8 devices (iPhone, iPad, Android, eBooks, game consoles...) or share the Wi-Fi signal with your travel companions.  You will receive your Wi-Fi package at your home a few days before departure. When you arrive at your destination, you can disconnect the 3G / 4G option from all your devices and connect the signal from your handheld Wi-Fi. From now on, you are ready to send WhatsApp, use VoIP services such as Viber or Skype, download videos, use travel applications such as TripAdvisor or Booking, find what you need with Google Maps and geolocation applications like Foursquare and of course, share your photos, videos and travel experiences on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, Snapchat... Which cities do you want to visit? On our site, you have many plans and tips for your trip to the United States. Take note of our recommendations, tourist attractions and the most visited monuments in the country: Times Square, Fifth Avenue, Statue of Liberty or Central Park in New York; the White House in Washington; Boulevard Strip in Las Vegas or a trip to the Grand Canyon; Route 66... There are many things to see and share! In addition, we tell you the documentation you need to travel to the United States, we recommend travel insurance and information so that you have no problem with electricity and tips, and we tell you tips and opening hours. And everything you need while you prepare your trip... Once there, stay informed at all times through online travel guides, plan your daily visits, use Google translate to make sure you don't miss in the translation of restaurant menus or hotel information, book your tickets for transportation, museum tickets or sightseeing tours with the Hotspot mobile. Did you know that even today many travellers still do not use the amenities that the Internet offers abroad because of exorbitant roaming bills? If you are looking for a more convenient and practical alternative to an American operator's SIM card, put your pocket Wifi in the suitcase and surf quietly throughout the trip. Every year, 69 million tourists from all over the world choose USA for travel. Of these, 9 out of 10 use their smartphone during the trip, 68% stay in touch with friends via email or social networks, and 52% download photos and videos. Are you one of them? Don't let roaming ruin your vacation in the United States!