I found my little piece of paradise in Indonesia. My paradise is on the island of Flores, in the west of the island around Maumere. My paradise is called Coconut Garden Beach Resort and it is no ordinary resort!

The arrival in paradise

Climbing a volcano at sunrise, hiking to discover multi-coloured craters, escaping the threats of monkeys, surviving the convoluted roads of Flores, swimming in the waves of a paradise beach in Koka... so many classic activities for a trip to Indonesia, so many activities that are very tiring, especially when you follow the discoveries and trips of the last 10 days. After a trip to Indonesia and many adventures around the country from island to island, it's time to take a few days off and rest on a heavenly beach in Flores. After leaving Maumere, the car starts on a sandy track, through a jungle of palm trees. This last stretch of road seems endless and we do not yet see the sea. The palm trees seem denser, darker, more threatening than ever. Then you can find an opening in the vegetation, a sand car park and a corner of the sea. We jump out of the car, happy to stretch our legs and arrive at a place that looks beautiful. We are welcomed with open arms by the owner, who tells us not to walk under the palm trees... coconut falls are frequent. "Okay, but there are palm trees everywhere! "A little worried, I'm moving towards the reception, my nose in the air. That way, if I get flattened by a coconut, I'll see death coming in front of me... There is no point in running, we have arrived, we are on holiday, and it is time to have a bite to eat before taking possession of our rooms. Life is good! I am told that for once I have the right to the best room: the bungalow for honeymoons! I can't believe it! There is a frustrating side to being always the single solo traveller... we are always given the least nice rooms, the sofa in a corner, the simple bed all rotten, as if until I have reached the status of a couple, I have no right to enjoy the good things! But not this time, I hit the jackpot!

A bungalow in heaven for me alone

I really like to break down preconceived ideas and clich├ęs about solo travel vs. couple travel. I had already told you how I loved visiting Venice alone (and that I thought it was the best way to do it) and how I had lived my stay in a luxury ryokan in Japan alone, a stay usually reserved for the couple. Well, this time in Indonesia I enjoyed this bungalow for myself and I loved it! The bungalow, separated from the others by a small garden, a piece of beach and some "killer" palm trees, obviously overlooks the sea, the beach and the sunsets. A small terrace shelters at the entrance of the armchairs, a table and a large hammock. The bungalow opens onto a pretty bright and nicely decorated room with a princess bed and a desk. At the back, a large outdoor bathroom with shower and toilet completes everything for a soothing wellness stay. At night, a clever set of lights transforms the cocoon into a perfect cosy nest for a good night's sleep. The wooden, palm and bamboo bungalow fits perfectly into this large garden of flowers and palm trees, creating a magical universe. I only spent two nights there, but clearly, it's my idea of the holidays, the real ones, the ones I've been dreaming of for years: a bungalow in an isolated resort, facing the sea, without wifi or connection with the world, simple, but comfortable and natural.

A green resort

Coconut Garden Beach Resort is not an anonymous resort for couples looking for rest and relaxation. Created in an artistic, ecological and community integration vocation, it is not just a hotel, but a real project, an eco-resort. All decorations are carefully made of shells, bamboos and coconuts, resources are safeguarded, the environment is not destroyed and communities are integrated into the project. You can discuss this on site with them or read more about it on the presentation sheet in the rooms. And that's why I'm talking to you about this beautiful place today in more detail. It's not my habit to do whole articles on hotels, but this one deserved a bigger focus. A bar-restaurant is available, as well as masseurs, an open sports hall with a view of the sea and kayaks. You can use the kayaks for free to stay around at sunset (it's magical) or organize a snorkelling trip with the resort. The atmosphere is relaxed, relaxing, with little touches of surf, Hawaii and coolness. The resort is so isolated that you would think you were at the end of the world! You can live the experience in peace, on your side as a couple or alone, but why not also with friends. Feel free to ask the staff to sing a song or even organize a little party, it could become quite fun! Tested and approved!