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Going abroad for free

Going abroad cheaply or even free of charge is possible thanks to many programs that sometimes take care of up to 100% of the stay. Here are some solutions to go abroad cheaply. EVS The European Voluntary Service, a European…

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There are several ways to travel free of charge

If travelling is one of the most beautiful activities in the world, but it is also one of the most expensive. Here are 8 ways to travel for free. The Wwoofing What a funny name WWOOFING (“World-Wide Opportunities on Organic…

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How to travel free of charge worldwide

Most of people like to travel. And why not it is you? But very few of us travel around the world, especially because it is very expensive. From airline tickets and hotel stays to food and entertainment, travel can be…

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Ways to travel for free

Many of you are asking me how I travel so often. I have decided to talk to you about some tips so that I can travel for free or at least reduce your expenses. Of course I save everything I…

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How to travel for free for several months?

To travel cheaply or free of charge, you need to know what is expensive. When you have a very small budget, see almost no money but you still want to travel, you think that living an adventure around the world…

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