Between traditions and modernity, discover the Japanese archipelago with CFA Voyages. Its cities, gardens and temples offer themselves to you through your tailor-made tour. Japan, an authentic country where charm operates during the season of the famous cherry blossoms (Sakura) or glowing maples (Momiji), is then a whirlwind of colours that comes alive between the sacred Toriis. Go as a group or as a family and discover the archipelago's must-see cities for a successful Japan Tour!

Pocket Wi-Fi

Japan, this mysterious country, is of interest to more than one globetrotter. But here we are, how can we find our way around in a country that does not have the same language and alphabet as us? Despite the Japanese efforts as the Olympic Games approach to translate all signs into double alphabet and increase English announcements on public transport, many travellers are still afraid to explore this fabulous country. For them, CFA Voyages has the solution! Pocket Wi-Fi: a new way to travel with mobile internet with a broadband connection, and your best friend for free travel to Japan. Check for more about mobile W-Fi router.

What is a pocket Wi-Fi?

The pocket Wi-Fi is an internet box, like a box, that fits into your pocket. Same principle of use, you must connect to the network and enter a password to be able to connect to the Internet; the password will be indicated on the box to connect your devices. The operation is simple; there is only one button to switch the box on/off. The basic package is 300 MB/day (limited throughput beyond that). You will therefore have access to a secure Internet network throughout the day. Japan is an archipelago formed by four main islands: Honshu, Hokkaido, Shikoku and Kyushu. Japanese culture is fascinating, a true blend of ancestral traditions and ultra-modern inventions. From the Snow Festival in Sapporo in the North, to the tropical beaches of Okinawa in the South, Japan is a country of contrasts. Move around in Shinkansen, the futuristic train. Explore Tokyo's neighborhoods, stroll along the canal in Kyoto, cross the Osaka passages, sleep in a ryokan in the Japanese Alps in Kanazawa, and swim in an onsen in Kansai...