If travelling is one of the most beautiful activities in the world, but it is also one of the most expensive. Here are 8 ways to travel for free.

The Wwoofing

What a funny name WWOOFING ("World-Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms") which is a very original and economical way to see the country. You will have free lodging and food in exchange for daily work. There are about 50 countries participating in this program, it's up to you!


There is a very popular volunteer program in the United States called the Peace Corps. Unfortunately, it is only accessible to American citizens. In Canada, however, you can join a program like Project Abroad, an equivalent. Programs from one week to one year are available to help in 25 destinations around the world.

From one sofa to another

Surfing the waves is fun, but surfing from one couch to another is even better! This is what you can do with couchsurfing. You can sleep at people's homes completely free of charge, just register on the site and the hosts are available to receive you. You will have a real human touch, nothing like the coldness of a hotel room.


You know babysitting. Well, imagine the same thing, but for houses. The principle is simple: A landlord goes on holiday for several weeks for example and needs someone to watch over his house, take care of it while he is away. This is where the home-sitter comes in, in exchange for free accommodation, he will have to be present and do maintenance work, and also take care of the animals for example. The Mind My House site offers this kind of service.

Home exchange

Exchanging apartments or houses and enjoying free accommodation in return is a practice that is attracting more and more holidaymakers. The main advantage is the money saved. No hotel rooms to book, or rental there is nothing to pay for accommodation. And, in addition, we save money on food since you only have to go grocery shopping and cook at the apartment because you have an apartment or a house.

Au pair

This is an option that is particularly suitable for young people who want to travel and immerse themselves in the culture of a country. The concept of the au pair trip is simple: the au pair goes to a family where he or she is fed and housed in exchange for services from the family, often to take care of the children.

A cruise

If you have the skills of a waiter, chef, lifeguard or other, you can work on a boat. You will be paid while travelling. There are cruises all over the world; it's up to you, Antarctica or the Caribbean...

Working in the travel world

One of the best ways to travel for free is to work in the travel world. Flight attendant / Stewart, travel journalist, guide, guide, hostess... there is no shortage of jobs!