Are you planning your next trip to Europe and do you need to have Internet access 24 hours a day everywhere? Avoid roaming on your next bill with the rental of a pocket Wi-Fi to accompany you throughout your adventure. Check for more information about the uses of pocket Wi-Fi. Stay connected inside and outside your hotel, thanks to a MiFi rental service in Europe with which you can share your photos and experiences of your favourite trip to your social networks, send emails to your contacts, use your usual Apps and do what you need while surfing the Internet up to 8 devices simultaneously. Currently, the lack of Internet is one of the main sources of stress for travellers used to using their mobile devices and surfing the Internet every day. So why do you have to do without the benefits of technology when you travel and are you afraid of roaming bills that may accumulate during your stay in Europe? Choose the most convenient and inexpensive way to stay connected to Wi-Fi in Europe, avoiding dangerous public Wi-Fi networks or saturated Wi-Fi networks in hotels, restaurants, bars and other public places. Do you remember how much you paid for the roaming charges for your last trip abroad? The long list of outrageous bills for roaming charges in Europe frightens many tourists who avoid connecting to the Internet outside their country. For example, we recall the story of Carissa Grise, an 18-year-old Briton, who received a €3500 roaming bill to upload photos of the Turkish holidays to Facebook and Twitter, and use WhatsApp to communicate with their friends and family while in this European country. And as you know, unfortunately, is not an isolated case. Bob, a businessman from Philadelphia, had a business trip to Europe. Do you know how much the phone bill for roaming charges in Germany has cost? No kidding, the telecommunications company surprised him with nothing more and nothing less than $20,000 in roaming charges. Perhaps after reading these cases, and much more than you can find in Google on "roaming bill shock" or "roaming bills abroad", you are convinced of the need to find an alternative to your 3G / 4G data card on your next trip to Europe. The purchase of a SIM card for travel is an increasingly obsolete practice because of the inconvenience it represents for the traveller who has released their mobile phone or signed contracts with foreign telecommunications companies for only a few days. As a result, the technology called "Mifi" (My Wi-Fi) is becoming more and more popular among travellers who do not hesitate to opt for rental services for Wi-Fi devices abroad. We suggest you use Google Maps to find out where you are, Google Translate to keep track of where you are, download and use all the possibilities that offer the best mobile applications for travellers, online travel guides that offer information about the cities you visit, and also read and compare the opinions of other travellers and make your reservations on the fly through booking portals like Booking, eDreams, TripAdvisor or thanks to geolocation applications like Foursquare, ideal to find the best restaurants in the region, stores or locate the station, bus or metro to get around and visit the city... With a pocket Wi-Fi you can perform each of these actions and more, as you usually do in your country, in a secure way and ensure optimal coverage to access information quickly and efficiently wherever you are.