When you have to go on holiday by plane, you always have the same anxiety: how to manage flying with young children? Don't panic, to fly in complete serenity, you just need to have a minimum of organization. Do you want to avoid stress just before your holiday? Here are some tips to make your flight as smooth as possible.

Be well organized before the flight

To avoid any unpleasant surprises and to avoid running around on D-Day, it is advisable to book your flight tickets well in advance, especially if you are travelling with young children. By starting early enough, you are more likely to have a plane that is not yet overfilled. This way, you can choose your seats more serenely. There are many flight comparators available today that allow you to find the best flight, but also to choose your place on the plane. Convenient if you want to book a whole row for you and your toddlers! If you can, choose a seat in the first row of seats instead. This way, you will have more space for you and your children and you can spread out without disturbing your neighbours.

Request separate seats

When you travel with your family, with several people, lack of space is really a problem. Why not try to have separate seats? This is also possible if you travel with several people but booked your flight at the last minute. Being separated on the plane is not necessarily a problem. It is then possible to monopolize three seats next to each other and then another seat, a little further away in the plane. This allows adults to take turns with the children while keeping a corner to rest in turn. It is a good way to get to your holiday destination in a relaxed atmosphere. It is especially recommended for long-haul flights.

Provide a well-stocked carry-on baggage

If you are leaving for several hours of flight, it is absolutely essential not to miss anything. However, try to take only one cabin bag containing everything you will need, as well as your children's essentials. Today, you can find smarter and more space-saving ways to store your belongings, just like with Ziploc bags. Remember to bring a change of clothes for your children (they may get dirty during the flight) that are light and easy to store in a small bag. If you are travelling with a baby, then don't forget diapers and wipes. You can also bring small snacks and snacks during the flight such as dried fruit, cereal bars and even some candy. Again, if you are travelling with a baby, you can take his powdered milk (if you are not breastfeeding him yourself) or small jars in your hand luggage.

Don't forget to keep your children busy!

Parents travelling with young children all have the same haunting: that they end up bored and running around on the plane. Especially if the flight lasts several hours! It is therefore more than advisable to provide your children with something to keep them occupied throughout the flight. You can plan age-appropriate activities. Carry books, a tablet or a portable console with you. You can also bring colouring books or travel size board games to play with your children. If you know how to organize yourself from the start, then travelling with young children is not complicated!