Not being able to use the Internet is the most stressful thing to be away from home, according to a survey of 10,000 business travellers. A Wi-Fi device is compatible with any Wi-Fi system: laptops, iPhones, iPads, Androids, PSP, etc... You can connect our Wi-Fi device to 8 phones, tablets, laptops, etc... So that, you, your family or friends can enjoy it. It is easy to use, just turn on the device and connect to a portable Wi-Fi. It is 4G/3G coverage in 95% of the territory in most of the countries around the world. You can visit  if you are interested in learning further more information about pocket Wi-Fi. Here we give you some details about Wi-Fi hotspot.

Travel around the world without roaming charges

Stay connected on your journey without roaming charges and save

Data roaming

What is data roaming? Travellers want to have a good INTERNET connection, which is currently the service most appreciated by tourists from all over the world, rather than having good room service, a delicious breakfast buffet or a room with a breath-taking view of the sea. You have certainly left the 90% of tourists who stay connected with their portable Wi-Fi devices when you travel abroad. In the tourism 2.0 era, very few people refuse to stay in touch with friends and family using mobiles, laptops or tablets, with the use of standard applications, checking tourist information online or sharing travel experiences in your favourite social networks. Are you planning your next trip abroad and looking for a comfortable, affordable and reliable internet hotspot on the road?

Rent a Mifi or an international SIM card?

Unlike solutions such as SIM cards from foreign operators or the well-known USB modem, MIFI (My Wi-Fi) handheld devices are consolidating as the best and most affordable alternative for people who want to have a roaming Internet Hotspot outside their home country, avoiding high roaming charges and for those who need to travel with technology in their daily lives.

Renting a Wi-Fi Hotspot portable (Router Wi-Fi)

A Wi-Fi hotspot provides an innovative portable Wi-Fi Hotspot rental service that allows you to stay connected 24/7, wherever you are, in a total of 34 countries around the world. In order to make it real, we use Mifi technology: secure, affordable, lightweight and comfortable, able to meet all Wi-Fi hotspot requirements with multiple devices simultaneously, you can share the Internet signal with all their travel partners and have optimal coverage to access the network at any time and place you prefer. We offer you a small portable modem that, thanks to Wi-Fi technology, can satisfy your need to stay hyper-connected in the most affordable way possible: from only € 5 per day. The Wi-Fi router includes a SIM card for data inside and is linked to a national operator in the country you intend to visit. In this way, our Mifi rental service helps you avoid expensive roaming charges and use this money in a different way. The number of travellers benefiting from the advantages offered by these portable routers on the road is increasing. This portable Wi-Fi Hotspot is small and very comfortable to wear, ideal to be included in a bag, suitcase, camera cover or pocket. Renting a mobile hotspot is the perfect solution, as it is compatible with your smartphone (iPhone, Android...), tablet, laptop, eBook, video console, etc. Just turn on the portable Wi-Fi, connect all your devices to the Wi-Fi signal and disconnect the 3G/4G option... now you are ready to surf the net outside the hotel, during excursions and sightseeing, at the airport, car rental... at anytime and anywhere you decide, as you do in your home country.