The Mediterranean is one of the most popular destinations for any yachting and sailing enthusiast. It must be said that this area has enough to attract more than one! The sailing conditions are excellent, the landscapes magnificent and in addition, you can enjoy a preserved nature and a cruise at your own pace. Do you want to enjoy it too? Then rent a sailboat for your next vacation! Here are some examples of the most popular destinations in the Mediterranean Sea for yachting enthusiasts.


With nearly 1000 km of coastline, the island of Beauty has enough to satisfy all your sailing desires! The Corsican coasts are worth a look and Corsica has been, for many years, a particularly popular destination for tourists looking to escape. The Corsican landscapes, perfect mixes between authenticity and beauty, but also the always mild weather makes Corsica a destination of choice by sailboat. On the other hand, even if the island may seem narrow at first sight, it is more than ambitious to allow only one week going around it. If you only have a few days off, stay in a specific area and take a look around. If you have a fortnight, then going around the island is less difficult. On this option also, it depends the location of your sailboat rental in Corsica. Don't forget to go through Cap Corse, to the wilderness or stop in the port of Calvi to visit its citadel. On board your sailboat, you can also leave for an afternoon of scuba diving. You will discover the hidden world of Corsica: corals, fauna and flora preserved... The Scandola Reserve is yours!


Greece is a very popular tourist destination, and this is not new!  But if you want to see Greece from a new angle, then a sailboat cruise is the best choice. You can explore the wild coves, hidden by the rocks of the Dodecanese or near the almost deserted Ionian beaches. Greece has a great diversity in its landscapes, which is what makes it a very popular destination. You can take a walk on the beaches of Corfu, climb the arid mountains of Kalymnos or walk along the unspoilt coastline of Samothrace. By sailing, you are also more protected from the heat that prevails in Greece. If, on land, temperatures can be as high as 45°C, at sea, it is immediately less hot, thanks in particular to the sea breeze and the Meltem, the famous wind that blows in the Cyclades. And if that's not enough to cool you down, then there's nothing to stop you from taking a swim in the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean. Guaranteed effect!


More recently, Croatia has been on the podium of the French's favourite destinations, but it has many assets and everything to please. Even sailing enthusiasts can find what they are looking for in Croatia. The Croatian coasts are superb and Croatia is surrounded by thousands of small islands that can also be visited. Whether you like to celebrate or have a more relaxing holiday, then Croatia is the destination for you. You can sail to Split or Hvar to celebrate. Admittedly, the atmosphere is not as electric as in Ibiza, but you will still find something to entertain you! If, on the other hand, you want to go to Croatia by sailboat to rest, push instead towards the port village of Maslinica, to the west of the island of Solta. This island is full of isolated coves, small corners of paradise where time seems to have stopped. Ideal to wet and do a well-deserved little tanning session. The Mediterranean is a vast playground where there is no shortage of dream destinations! It's up to you to make your own itinerary!