Technology has some wonderful advantages, we use it almost every day and I don't think there is anyone able to argue against the responsible use of it, in fact, 84% of cell phone users say they couldn't spend a day without their mobile device, but we don't need statistics to realize that we are in an era where technology is an essential part of our lives especially when it comes to keeping in touch. Renting a Wi-Fi hotspot access point is ideal for anyone traveling to this country, especially if you are one of those who need to have an easy and affordable way to access the Internet all day long. Check if you want to know what is a pocket Wi-Fi. The portable Wi-Fi for France is a wireless access point that allows you to access the Internet with any Wi-Fi enabled device. Because it is portable, you can access the Internet anywhere for a long time thanks to its long battery life. In addition, it allows you to use up to eight devices at once. For example, one person can access their emails on one computer while another could search for a restaurant in Paris on their iPad.

How does it work?

The Wi-Fi hotspot router for France is a handheld device the size of a small cell phone that includes a data plan, which is included as part of the rental, with it, you can get Internet access with different data plans and will allow you to create your own personal access point MiFi France with which you can share data with any Wife-enabled device, such as an iPad or iPhone, a PC or a Mac or any phone. Logging in with the portable Wi-Fi hotspot is done exactly the same way you would with a conventional Wi-Fi access point in your home and you can set up a secure password for your network and keep all your connections to emails, Skype phone calls, Facebook and web browsing secure. Because the Wi-Fi router is so small and portable, you can turn it on and put it in your purse, backpack or pocket without attracting attention. Renting a Wi-Fi hotspot internet is the ideal solution to keep in touch with your loved ones or have your work files at hand, anytime, anywhere. The rental comes pre-configured and ready to go providing exceptional broadband coverage in France and allows you to enjoy speeds of up to 2.5 Mbps.

The France mobile hotspot provides security

Travellers today use a large number of devices to stay constantly online. It's impossible to go anywhere without seeing it all through your phone, tablet or computer; the fact is that people connect more than ever today, even in the remotest corners of the world. And being connected on public networks also means that other people can connect to you, not always in a good way. There is a threat to your invisible security that you will encounter on your next vacation to France; you are likely to find public Wi-Fi and obviously the convenience of such a connection is attractive to any tourist, which is precisely where the importance of understanding the dangers associated with using a wireless access point comes from. It is vital to keep in mind that when any Wi-Fi is open (without any blocking) it is that it is not secure and anyone can have access to anything you send and receive. So if you are using Wi-Fi at your hotel, airport, or a tourist attraction, you can potentially be exposed. If you are checking your bank account, booking a hotel room, or even booking a plane ticket, your data is in an extremely vulnerable state. So what can be done to avoid privacy intrusions? Getting our Wi-Fi hotspot rental for France guarantees your privacy, and is the best option you have if you want to use the Internet with absolute freedom during your visit to France. The portable Wi-Fi hotspot France network will allow you to keep your electronic transactions, emails, passwords and personal information secure by means of a VPN. Travel to France with the portable Wi-Fi, stay away from all these worries and enjoy the pleasure of knowing that your information is safe.