If you are used to travelling by train and travelling all over Europe in this way, you already know that there are many different fares that apply depending on your age, your professional situation, the number of people travelling, the fact of being with your family, as a couple etc... But we know less that this also exists in air transport.

Student discounts

"Travelling is youthful."  This sentence of Montaigne is all the more true today that there is a real travel culture among the younger generations, used to go on weekends or holidays easily and quickly thanks to the multiplication of low-cost airlines and price comparison companies like Easyvols, allowing finding the best rates. Airlines have understood this well and now offer specific fares for young students both for "school" trips and to take advantage of university holidays to discover another culture or celebrate during a city break.

Discounts for frequent travellers

Whether they are students who have grown up or "inveterate travellers", there are now real "serial trippers" who travel at least once a month. Not to mention the frequent travellers who combine business trips with leisure stays. It is therefore important for companies to retain this type of customer with very high potential. However, a great traveller is also a seasoned traveller who knows not to give in to the sirens of marketing. They need to control expenses (spend less to travel more) and compare in real time the different fares offered by all airlines, while using the loyalty cards and rewards set up by aircraft manufacturers. It is then possible to take advantage of the benefits and discounts on future card flights. By putting all airlines in competition on a chosen destination, including low-cost airlines, helps Internet users to find the best fare for their flight ticket among its partners present on the site and to access the special fares set up, including special programs for frequent flyers.

Good prices with some tips...

In addition to using flight comparators to find the cheapest possible tickets, there are a few tips and tricks that always work. And for some, it's just common sense. For example, avoid very busy days and prefer to return from weekends on a Monday morning rather than a Sunday evening. It is also interesting to look at the so-called secondary airports to pay less for an air ticket.  It is therefore sometimes enough to drive a few kilometres to reach an airport like Beauvais near Paris, to vary the airports in Brittany, or to pick up a flight in Switzerland, Belgium, Spain or Italy if you are a cross-border commuter. And of course, the best way is flexibility, both on the date and on the exact destination. Using a flight comparator makes it possible to quickly compare all airlines by varying the day of departure or return, and to have the pleasure of noting the very large price differences according to the days. This technique, called Yield Management, allows airlines to change ticket prices on a daily basis depending on how full the aircraft are. You might as well take advantage of the system by choosing to book the least booked flights.