Most of people like to travel. And why not it is you? But very few of us travel around the world, especially because it is very expensive. From airline tickets and hotel stays to food and entertainment, travel can be very expensive. Not to mention you're on the road, you don't work, so you lose money for that too. Fortunately, there are many ways to travel the world for free or very cheap. If you are planning to visit Sapa Vietnam, contact this Local Francophone Professional Guide Living in Sapa Vietnam - Real Beaten Off-Trail Tours

Become a secret travel customer

How do you want to make money while travelling? As a secret travel customer, that's exactly what you're going to do. You will be sent on a mission to stay in hotels and dine in restaurants around the world, making you look like a real traveller. You then report your experience. Most missions cover all your travel expenses and you will be paid for your work in addition to that. Here are two companies that carry out such travel missions (hotel stays, restaurant dinners, flights with particular airlines, etc.

Coyle Hospitality

Evaluate It by Sensors Quality Management Inc You can also join general mystery shopping companies that conduct studies for various industries and companies (trade, fast food, cinema, etc.), which may also, from time to time, ask you to go on a trip to do secret shopping Here are some of them:
  • BestMark
  • Market Force
If not, Trivago offers to pay for your hotel if you test a hotel and bring back detailed reviews, read Staying in a hotel? Trivago wants to pay you!

Join the work exchange programs

There are some very good programs that will allow you to visit different places in the world for free by participating in "Work Exchange". Work exchange is somewhat different from volunteering. As a volunteer, you essentially give up your time and skills for free, but with Work Exchange, you essentially exchange your time and skills for food and accommodation with a host. What I personally find attractive about these work exchange programs is that they allow you to fully immerse yourself in the new culture and make local friends quickly. Two of the largest work exchange programs I know are and

Become a member of WOOF ( WWOOFer)

Why not try to travel around the world through organic farming? The World Organization of Organic Farms (WOOF) will allow you to do exactly that. You will have to work four to six hours a day and, in exchange, you will receive free meals, accommodation and food from a host family. You can travel and explore because the working hours are not that long. You will only need to pay for travel expenses since basic necessities such as accommodation and food will be covered by the hosts.

Teaching English in a foreign country

There is always a strong demand for those who can teach English. Consider this: many employment agencies and government agencies will cover the costs of accommodation and medical care, as well as you will be paid a good salary that will allow you to live and travel in a foreign place, and many of them will also pay for your flight ticket. Aren't these advantages enough to make it a very attractive option? Many agencies are looking for candidates, and many of them do not need teaching experience. Although being TEFL or TESOL certified also helps. Why not start checking these jobs at Teach Away - it's happening all over the world, and they have a lot of resources. Also try Language Corps and CIEE as they offer interesting options in different host countries. If not, you can register in this program Teach French Language Online

Working on a cruise ship or as a yacht

Working on a cruise line can be difficult when it comes to real work, but it can also be very rewarding as you are constantly on the move to new places. Consult the section on the main cruise industry carriers, such as Royal Caribbean, Princess Cruises and Carnival, to find available jobs in the industry. Being a Yachtie means working for the super-rich on private yachts all over the world. There is a lot of money to be made this way. You will find entry-level jobs in the yachting industry on YaCrew, CrewFinders, or by doing a simple online search.