Travellers, used to using mobile phones and other devices such as laptops or tablets, and used to the Internet as a tool in our daily lives, we do not want and we cannot give up staying connected when we travel. However, roaming prevents us from making our calls, sending SMS or MMS and using the Internet normally when we are abroad. No one trusts roaming! And with cases like the ones we're about to show, that's not surprising. Telephone operators, required by various regulations to provide transparent information on the performance and cost of the service, act by sending confusing alerts, and their offers to stay connected to the Internet in other countries hide paragraphs with misleading clauses that go unnoticed, and often our devices are configured to connect to a different network without even knowing it. Thus, many travellers are looking for solutions and so far, buying data cards in the country has been one of the most recurrent. However, this practice has too many disadvantages, and it is possible that these cards will not work on your device, if not previously released. Would you like to sign a contract with a foreign operator to access one of your cards? More and more companies require this process to use one of the cards, often obtained in a store where we could not even have a smooth conversation with the seller. How to connect to the Internet abroad in a cost-effective and secure way? How to avoid costly homelessness? Many companies offer a portable Wi-Fi rental service without roaming charges with which you can use all your devices as many times as you want and at any time of the trip, visit for more about MiFi. Staying connected 24 hours a day without exorbitant costs on your next invoice is already possible if you rent one of the available MiFis. They are small, portable routers that work with a map of the visited country; we will provide you with all the guarantees of operation and a completely acceptable price. You can book your Wi-Fi package from the website, disconnect your devices and you will be able to use your smartphone, laptop, tablet or eBook, share the connection with your fellow travellers and do actions online, safely and conveniently.

Alternatives to avoid the high costs of roaming

If you travel abroad or do so regularly and want to avoid or minimize expensive roaming charges, there are several options. Some people choose to disable the service and look for a wireless network on accommodation, restaurants and cafés, shopping malls, airports, even in public spaces such as parks or resorts. In the case of locating public Wi-Fi networks when you want to contact your family, we recommend that you use applications such as WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Line or Tango to avoid charges for voice calls and messaging. Keep in mind that public Wi-Fi networks are generally saturated and may not provide the security you need for your communications. It is a common practice among frequent travellers that has been renamed "Plastic Roaming" and involves the purchase of a local SIM card from the country visited, normally prepaid, which allows for expense control and avoids unwanted roaming in your communications. However, this option, which has been favoured by travellers for some time, is being replaced by more modern and, above all, more economical options. In fact, some travellers consider this practice too inconvenient. If you replace your SIM card, you must unlock your mobile phone before your trip, find a store that will provide the service once you reach your destination, and once there, depending on where you are, you may have problems talking with the seller, which may decrease your confidence in the service. Another disadvantage is that more and more companies are requiring the signing of a contract for one of these cards, something that perhaps you don't want. If you also want to use this connection that offers local SIM on all your devices, make sure you know in advance how much the "share Internet" option works to prevent your devices from mistakenly connecting to the roaming network. Hiring an international fare or a closed roaming rate are other alternatives widely used by travellers, especially those who do so quite often, business travellers. If you approach this option for your next trip, we recommend that you carefully read the terms and conditions of the contract.

The rise of the Mifis

The technology adapts to users' needs and therefore the desire to avoid abusive roaming costs has led to the emergence of so-called Mifi, portable wireless routers that connect to a 3G/4G network destination, offering an Internet signal to which you can connect all your devices abroad or even several users simultaneously. The word Mifi comes from "My Wi-Fi" and refers to the small dongles that offer the traveller access to the clean, always available and totally secure Wi-Fi network, and for this reason are becoming the perfect option to connect to the Internet without roaming in other countries. A MiFi router is simply a pocket router, small and lightweight, and can be carried at any time: in your pocket, purse, backpack, in case of your devices... little space and guarantees a 24-hour connection, wherever you are. Many companies have launched the marketing of these devices which have a card of a local operator in the visited country inside, so there is no need to worry about roaming, and they are usually offered at an economical price. As we told you, Mifis are currently making the most convenient and secure option for your Internet connections abroad and that's why we have chosen this technology to make it easier for tourists or business travellers to connect while travelling without roaming charges. Do you know how this service works? We currently offer coverage in 35 countries, and they will be added new ones. France, USA, Italy, Australia, Mexico... You can enjoy the Mifis in most tourist countries. A portable Wi-Fi offers a 24-hour connection, in constant mobility. Book your Wi-Fi abroad comfortably from the website (it's a simple process that will take a few minutes) and you will receive your wireless Wi-Fi in your home before you start your trip, or if you prefer depending on the location, we can send it directly to your hotel, apartment, camping centre, or business that you are going to visit. To start using it in your trip, you can activate the portable router, look at all your devices signal and enter the password we offer you. Very important: do not forget to disconnect the 3G/4G option from your devices. In the package you will find a charger and a bag to carry it always. Thanks to pocket Wi-Fi you can connect your laptop, tablet, iPhone, Android, iPad, game console, eBook, etc. to the wireless signal, using the Internet from 8 devices simultaneously. In addition, you can share the Internet with your fellow travellers, so MiFi is an ideal alternative if you travel together. You can access your favourite social networks, download data, surf the Internet, send emails, and use your usual mobile applications or VoIP services without any problems. And once you have completed your trip, put your MiFi in the packaging in which you received it and return it, at no extra cost.