Liberty and travel

Travel the world with more freedom

Travel freely and discover new destinations

Hiking in the mountains

Another way of doing both tourism and sport is mountain hiking. It is an outdoor activity that is beneficial for health. Like many other outdoor activites, a number of people are still unaware of the benefits of hiking.

Travelling by car

The roadtrip is a formula that allows you to discover destinations at your own pace. It has the particularity to offer you great freedom during your stay, while having a well-defined itinerary and spots.

City break

Take off for a few days or a weekend… Just a few hours from home, you can discover beautiful European cities such as London, Prague, Rome, Lisbon, Santorini… or a little further away in Moscow, Saint Petersburg or New York!

Staying connected during the holidays

A pocket Wi-Fi is the most practical and efficient way to stay connected during your holiday. It is also known as portable Wi-Fi, MiFi, mini router, wireless Wi-Fi router or Wi-Fi hotspot. A pocket Wi-Fi allows you to stay connected everywhere with a very high quality bandwidth. If you’re a frequent traveller that needs an efficient Internet access tool, we recommend you visit My Webspot and get to learn more about portable Wi-fi routers.

Travelling according to you

Travel with your family

Some hotels have facilities and services adapted to families: children's club, teen club, babysitting, communicating rooms, children's menu... Activities and entertainment are also available for adults and children. Travelling with your family is fun and w lifetime moment.

Travel as a couple

There are "Adult Only" hotels! The islands are romantic destinations par excellence. In an intimate, calm and relaxed atmosphere, enjoy memorable moments together on these paradisiacal islands: Mauritius, Seychelles, Maldives, Polynesia, Bali, and Saint-Barthelemy...

Honeymoon trip

The islands of the Indian Ocean, the Caribbean and Polynesia are privileged destinations for your honeymoon, a unique journey with white sandy beaches; turquoise lagoon and generous sunshine make these islands a real paradise for newlyweds...

Travel ideas

There is a type of trip for every taste! While some travellers only live for adventure, others will want to take advantage of their holidays to discover a new country in a relaxed way. These travel ideas will allow you to put your desires into practice, more destinations on

Ethnic meeting

If for you the word "travel" rhymes above all with encounters with local populations, there are as many possibilities of ethnic encounters as there are different populations on our planet.

Safari in Africa

Plan your safari in Africa and discover the great African mammals can be done in different ways, for a self-tour or a group tour. Doing Safari in Africa is a unique experience.

Relaxation stay

Imagine having a massage in the most beautiful spas in Bali, trying your hand at balneotherapy on the high Andean plateaus, taking yoga classes on Thailand's dream beaches...

Choose a trip that reflects who you are

Nature lovers, wildlife enthusiasts, history or culture lovers… There is a trip for everyone. So you prefer to go on Safari, trekking, family relaxation, romantic trip or cultural tour? Draw inspiration from our many travel ideas and themes.

Road trips, ethnic exchanges or hiking, choose the one that suits you best

Helpful travel tips

Travellers who have been delayed for 3 hours, overbooked or cancelled flights are eligible for compensation. This procedure consists of contacting the airline directly or using an organisation specialised in this type of procedure. It is not granted in exceptional circumstances or in cases of force majeure.
For economic and practical reasons, the traveller should try to take as little luggage as possible with him/her. Those who wish to experience a better immersion in a new country should learn a few words from the language of the country they are visiting like when expatriating to Canada, please visit for more details.

Things to consider before you travel

Before going on a trip, it necessarily requires a little organization. And because this is probably the least pleasant aspect of the adventure, you should know all the information you need to know before the big departure: validity of the passport, obtaining the visa, best season to leave according to the regions visited and the activities to be done on site, local currency, exchange rates, need or not an adapter.

Taking a journey around the world

After choosing the theme of your trip, you will still have to choose your destination. Do you like the cold and the northern light? Discover Iceland where astonishing landscapes await you. Have you always wanted to discover Africa? Go on a safari to Kenya, Namibia or South Africa or make unforgettable encounters in Madagascar or Ethiopia. Depending on the things you want to do in your destination, you can also visit less well-known and therefore more authentic countries such as Honduras, Belize, Uzbekistan or Burma.